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Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate

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An international joint doctoral programme, ... Involving 10 partner institutions, ... Fostering interdisciplinary research on "Globalisation, Europe and Multilateralism, ... Delivering double degrees in social sciences through its 5 European partner universities, ... Offering a pooled training programme, ... as well as mobility tracks guaranteeing at least 2 of its institutions visited. 

NOTE: The GEM PhD School programme has finished in 2018, and no further fellowships are available

Launched in 2010, the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programme on "Globalisation, the European Union and Multilateralism" - GEM PhD School - is an endeavour set up with the support of the European Commission. It aims to foster first-rate Social Science doctoral research centred on the common challenges facing the current global system by offering a pan-European learning environment geared towards attracting promising doctoral reseachers from across the globle.

The GEM PhD School brings together 10 leading institutions - based in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Japan, the Peoples' Republic of China and Mexico - within the same epistemic community. All of them have indeed taken the lead in a host of Sociel Sciences amongst which: International Relations and Security Studies; International Political Economy; International and EU Legal Studies; Comparative Regionalism; Comparative Political Sociology; Comparative Political Theory and Sociology; and EU Studies.

All dissertations written within the GEM PhD School's framework are subject to joint tutorship and double doctorates.

At the core of the GEM PhD School's efforts lies the desire to offer a select group of top doctoral students from across the globe the means to accomplish their doctoral research and training in the best and most cosmopolitan environment possible. To this effect, the GEM PhD School offers an innovative set of integrated learning tools and provides financial assistance, as well as a stable legal and administrative framework whering to accomplish joint international research involving at least two parter institutions from within the EU.

All GEM PhD School's activities are thus geared towards:

  • Providing a set of top quality and multidisciplinary doctoral courses allowing for truly pluralistic and comparative approaches to "Globalisation, the European Union and Multilateralism"
  • Fuelling existing European Integration Research, and strenghtening the specific achievements accomplished within an ever stronger European Research Area
  • Guaranteeing continued excellence in education in a field of strategic importance
  • Enhancing the profile and visibility of the EU in the fields of International relations, other Social Sciences and Humanities; whilst highlighting the findings bron from the vast and unique efforst deployed by the European Higher Education Institutions in the field of EU Studies.