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Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate


Raffaele  MARCHETTI My homepage:

Academic Degrees & Titles

Assistant Professor in International Relations - Department of Political Science and School of Government Holder of a Jean Monnet European Module on EU’s Engagement with Civil Society funded by the European Commission-EACEA (2012-2015). Jean Monnet Fellow in International Relations (EUI) PhD in International Political Theory (LSE) Laurea in Philosophy (La Sapienza)

Research Area(s)

International Relations (global politics, globalization, great powers, civil society)

Specific Research Interest(s)


International Relations Theories of Globalization EU, Global Governance and Civil Society

Suggested Fields of Inquiry

Legitimacy, Grand Strategies, and World Order Transnational Actors Global Democracy EU Foreign Policy

Overview of Publications

BOOKS (authored) Constructing Global Legitimacy: The Competition for World Order, manuscript in preparation. Global Governance and Civil Society, manuscript in preparation. 2010: Manuale di politica internazionale, Milan: Egea-Università Bocconi Editore-UBE (co-authors: F.Mazzei and F.Petito) 2010:Democrazia globale: Principi, istituzioni e lotte per la nuova inclusione politica, Milan: Vita & Pensiero (translation from English) 2008: Global Democracy: For and Against. Ethical Theory, Institutional Design, and Social Struggles, London-New York: Routledge (2009, pb edition). BOOKS (edited) 2013: Contemporary Political Agency: Theory and Practice, forth., London: Routledge. 2011: Conflict Society and Peacebuilding, forth., Delhi: Routledge (co-editor: N.Tocci). 2011: Global Democracy: Normative and Empirical Perspectives, forth., Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (co-editors: D.Archibugi and M.Koenig-Archibugi). 2011: Civil Society, Conflicts, and the Politicization of Human Rights, forth., Tokyo: United Nations University Press (co-editor: N.Tocci). 2010: European Union and Global Democracy, Zagreb: CPI (co-editor D. Vidović). JOURNAL SPECIAL ISSUES 2010: Symposium on Global Democracy, Ethics and International Affairs, 24, 1: 13-90 (co-editor: T.MacDonald). 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