GEM PhD School

Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate


Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

iCite, CEB and DULBEA

Departement of Political science

Associate research fellow, REPI

Associate Research Fellow of SKOPE (University of Oxford & Cardiff)

(ESCR Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organizational Performance)

(Professor - Potential PhD Supervisor)

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Academic Degrees & Titles

1996: PhD in Economics ("An Economic Analysis of the Deland for Higher Education")

1991: MSC in Econometrics (ULB)

1990: BA in History (ULB)

1987: MA in Economics

Research Area(s)

Comparative policiy analysis (higher education, university reforms)

Economic History

History of Economic Thought and Policy

Economics of Education

Specific Research Interest(s)

Reforms of higher education systems (mainly in Europe) with a comparative dimension

Determinants of University-going behavior

Economic policies in the knowledge-based era (with a long run perspective - e.g. comparative analysis of higher education policies in France and Prussia end of 19th century)

Links between democracy and multinational states; links between monetary unions and democracy; splitting of nations.


HIST-B-125 Introduction to Economics and Social Sciences (BA1 History)

ECON-S-303: History of Economic Thought (BA3 Economics, Politcal Sciences)

ECON-S-312: In-deth Analysis of Issue in Socio-Economics (seminar, BA3 Economics, Sociology, Anthropology)

ECON-S-313: Nonprofit economics (BA3 Economics)

POLI-S-426: The State and the income policy (including inequalities) (MA1 Economics, Social Sciences)