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Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate

Academic Degrees & Titles

Assistant Professor of International Security. Alexandra received her Diplom [BA Hons., MA] in Political Science, Law, History, and Empirical Research Methods as well her Dr. phil [PhD] from J.W. Goethe-University Frankfurt. Prior to joining the Department, Alexandra was Research Associate at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt from 2004 to 2010, and held visiting research positions at Yale University and Johns Hopkins University. She previously taught at Kings’ College London, the University of Leicester, the University of Birmingham, and J.W. Goethe-University Frankfurt.

Research Area(s)

Alexandra’s research explores the political economy of (inter-)national security, security governance, and US foreign and security policy. She has published/forthcoming publications in journals such as the European Journal of International Relations, Journal of Strategic Studies, Review of International Political Economy, and Contemporary Politics, as well as a new textbook on the concepts, origins, and contemporary challenges of US security policy (Routledge, 2012).

Specific Research Interest(s)

International security as well as US foreign and security policy, the nexus between (inter)national security and political economy.


Critical Security Studies - PO 381. The module focuses on critical approaches to the study and practice of security in International Relations.

Suggested Fields of Inquiry

Alexandra is interested in supervising graduate research in the areas of international security as well as US foreign and security policy. She is particularly enthusiastic about supervising research on the nexus between (inter)national security and political economy. 

Overview of Publications

Journal Articles

Homolar A. (forthcoming 2012) ‘Mulitlateralism in Crisis? The Character of US International Engagement under Obama’, Global Society 26(1). 

Homolar A. (forthcoming 2011). ‘Rebels Without a Conscience: The Concept of Rogue States in US Security Policy’, European Journal of International Relations 17(4).

Homolar A. 2011. ‘How to Last Alone at the Top: US Strategic Planning for the Post-Cold War Era’, Journal of Strategic Studies 35(2): 189-218.

Homolar A. 2010. ‘The Political Economy of National Security’, Review of International Political Economy 17(2): 410 - 23.

Homolar-Riechmann, A. 2009. ‘The Moral Purpose of US Power: Neoconservatism in the Age of Obama’, Contemporary Politics 15(2): 179-96.

Homolar-Riechmann, A. 2003. ‘Pax Americana und Gewaltsame Demokratisierung. Zu den politischen Vorstellungen neokonservativer Think Tanks’ [‘Pax Americana and Violent Democratisation. On Political Ideas of Neoconservative Think Tanks’], Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte B-46(December): 33-40.


Book Chapters

Homolar A. 2010. ‘Neoconservatism and the Strauss Connection’, in Tony Burns and James Connelly (eds) The Legacy of Leo Strauss (Imprint Academic), 217-34.

Homolar-Riechmann, A. 2008. ‘Neokons = Leokons = Strauss? Eine Einführung in die neokonservative Gedankenwelt und deren Bezug zur Philosophie von Leo Strauss’ [‘An Introduction to Neoconservative Mindsets and How They Relate to the Philosophy of Leo Strauss’], in Simon Geissbühler (ed.) Der Amerikanische Neokonservatismus und die Außenpolitik der USA [American Neoconservatism and the Foreign Policy of the United States] (Lit Verlag), 153-80. 


Policy Engagement

Homolar-Riechmann, A. 2005. ‘USA, Deutschland und Kanada: Raketenabwehr Diesseits und Jenseits des Atlantik’ [‘USA, Germany, and Canada: Missile Defense Across the Atlantic’], AICGS Advisor (24 March).

Homolar-Riechmann, A. 2005. ‘Crossing Borders – Experiencing Differences’, AICGS Advisor (27 January).