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Academic Degrees & Titles

Associate Professor of US Politics and International Studies. He received his BA in American Studies (Politics) from the University of Kent with a year at the University of Maryland, College Park. He then completed an MA in International Affairs at American University, Washington, DC and received his DPhil from the University of Sussex.

He has held previous posts at the University of Oxford, Lancaster University, and UWE Bristol. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Rothermere American Institute at Oxford from 2001-2003 where he is now an Associate Fellow. He joined the department at Warwick in September 2003. Positions held:

Research Area(s)

Trevor's research currently focuses on President Barack Obama's attempts to redefine US foreign policy, his use of rhetoric, and its impact on counter-terrorism policy and the War in Afghanistan. He is researching Obama's rearticulation of the idea of "innocence" in US foreign policy and his use of "sacrifice" as a rhetorical justification for the deepening commitment in Afghanistan.

Specific Research Interest(s)

History of economic ideas, particularly the work of Adam Smith, Thorstein Veblen and Karl Polanyi; the evolution of different styles of political economy analysis, particularly the shift from classical political economy to neoclassical economics; the operation of global financial markets; the political economy of modern asset markets; spectatorial theories of moral agency within classical political economy; current debates within International Political Economy theory; the process of British welfare state reform under New Labour


Trevor is Director of the MA in International Security and Programme Director for the undergraduate Politics, Politics with International Studies, and Politics with French degrees. He is also Director of Visiting and Exchange Students, coordinating the PAIS-US and PAIS-Erasmus exchange programmes. He teaches: 

Politics of the USA - P0207 

United States Foreign Policy - P0379

Suggested Fields of Inquiry

US foreign policy; the use of US military force and the 'Vietnam Syndrome'; the belief in American exceptionalism and its influence on US politics and foreign policy; US policy toward Iraq, Iran and the wider Middle East; the US 'war on terror'; the political and historical content of Hollywood films and television; religion and US foreign policy; US nuclear weapons policy; US presidential and electoral politics; the politics of race and ethnicity in the US.

Overview of Publications


American History and Contemporary Hollywood Film (Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2006) (with Andrew Pepper) Edinburgh University Press/Rutgers University Press (2005), 227pp, ISBN 0 7486 1490 7

American Exceptionalism and the Legacy of Vietnam. U.S. Foreign Policy Since 1974, Palgrave Macmillan (December 2003), 248pp, ISBN 0333970144


Beyond Bush: A New Era in US Foreign Policy? , International Politics 46: 2-3 (March 2009) special issue, Guest Editors: Timothy J. Lynch and Trevor B. McCrisken

Book chapters

"The Republican Primaries 2008" in Erik Jones and Salvatore Vassallo, eds, The 2008 Presidential Elections: A Story in Four Acts , Palgrave Macmillan/Il Mulino (2009), ISBN 9780230619388 (hbk)

"George W. Bush, American Exceptionalism and the Iraq War" in David Ryan and Patrick Kiely, eds, America and Iraq: Policy-making, Intervention, and Regional Politics , Routledge (2008), ISBN 9780415466219 (hbk)

"'No More Vietnams': Iraq and the Analogy Conundrum" in David Ryan and John Dumbrell, eds, Vietnam in Iraq: Tactics, Lessons, Legacies and Ghosts , Routledge (2007), ISBN 9780415405621 (hbk)/ 9780415405638 (pbk)

Commissioned article in a collected work

 "Exceptionalism" (10,000 word essay) in Alexander DeConde, Richard Dean Burns, and Fredrik Logevall, eds, Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy , Second Edition, Volume II, pp. 63-80. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2002.

"Past is Present: The Future of Conservative US Foreign Policy" in Joel Aberbach and Gillian Peele, eds, Crisis of Conservatism?: The Republican Party, the Conservative Movement and American Politics after Bush. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.