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Academic Degrees & Titles

Associate Professor, International Politics of the Middle East. I came to PAIS in July 2009 from the School of Political, Social and International Studies at the University of East Anglia. Before entering the world of academia, I lived and worked in Egypt for several years on projects concerning human rights and democratization and speak fluent Arabic.

My research interests link to my activism in the international peace/anti-war movement and I am a regular speaker at various meetings of social movement/voluntary groups. I was also Associate Editor of the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies for 6 years.

Research Area(s)

My research and teaching interests are located in the intersections between the politics of the Middle East and feminist international relations theory. 

Specific Research Interest(s)

In my research, I am particularly interested in the ways in which ‘ordinary people’ are shaped by and also influence national and international politics—particularly, democratization, conflict and conflict resolution. I have researched and written on democratization, human rights and conflict in a number of Middle Eastern countries. 


  • GENDER AND IN/SECURITY IN THE MIDDLE EAST (CURRENT) : Building on my previous research projects to focus specifically on a) how gender is deployed in international and national security discourses; b) the degree to which gender relations and ideologies structure insecurity; c) how gender is deployed to mobilise against insecurity/to achieve security in contexts of war, occupation and dictatorship.
  • ‘WOMEN AND THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT’: 15.10.2007 - 30.6.2008 (British Academy)
  • 'THE ROLE OF WOMEN AND GENDER IN POLITICAL TRANSITION IN IRAQ' : A British Academy funded grant with Nadje Al-Ali of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 01/05/2004 - 01/05/2007


I am convenor of the under-graduate 3rd year module, Middle East Regional Relations and the post-graduate module, International Relations of the Middle East. In previous teaching, I have pioneered the use of Wikipedia in student learning and assessment and piloted a project to develop the use of the social book-marking site Delicious in encouraging independent research skills amongst 1st year students


Report on the use of social bookmarking in student learning (funded with a University of East Anglia teaching fellowship, 2008). 

Report on the use of Wikipedia in student learning (funded with a University of East Anglia teaching fellowship, 2007)

Report on the use of Wikipedia in student learning, article in the British International Studies Association newsletter, 2007

Suggested Fields of Inquiry

Middle East politics and Feminist International Relations, particularly gender and politics, human rights and women's rights, democratisation, peace building and conflict resolution and civil society in the Middle East.

I am able to offer Ph.D. supervision in most areas of the international relations and comparative politics of the Middle East. I particularly welcome those students who are interested in studying some aspect of gender and politics in the Middle East.

Overview of Publications


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Book Chapters

With Nadje Al-Ali, 'Iraq's Triple Challenge: State, Nation and Democracy', in P Burnell, V Randall & L Rackner, Politics in the Developing World, Oxford: OUP, 2010.

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Book Reviews

Nimo's War, Emma's War: Making Feminist Sense of the Iraq War by Cynthia Enloe (Reviewed for The Middle East Journal, winter 2011)

The Politics of Women’s Rights in Iran by Arzoo Osanloo (Reviewed for Journal of Gender Studies, December 2010)

Militarization and Violence against Women in Conflict Zones in the Middle East: A Palestinian Case Study by Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian (Reviewed for International Journal of Human Rights, 2010) 

‘Brothers’ or Others: Propriety and Gender for Muslim Arab Sudanese in 

Egypt, by Anita H. Fabos (Reviewed for African Affairs, July 2009)