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Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate



LUISS - Guido Carli

Faculty of Political Science

(Professor - Potential PhD Supervisor)

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Academic Degrees & Titles

Institutional Representative, LUISS- Guido Carli, Rome
Dean of the Faculty of Political Science
Director of the Center for Ethics and Global Politics 

  • MSc: in Social Philosophy, LSE (University of London, UK), 1976
  • Full time Professor of Political Philosophy 

Research Area(s)

Political philosophy, global justice, human rights, distributive justice. 


Political philosophy, International relations, Distributive justice 

Suggested Fields of Inquiry

  • Global Justice
  • Internation ethics
  • Political philosophy
  • Human rights 

Overview of Publications

  • Between Cosmopolis and Leviathan, Global Policy, Forthcoming
  • How to avoid the liaison dangereuse between post-colonialism and postmodernism, Philosophy and Social Criticism, 2011
  • The Legacy of the Enlightenment and the Exemplarity of the EU Model, The Monist, 2009
  • L'idea di giustizia da Platone a Rawls, Laterza, 1998
  • Marxismo e giustizia, Il Saggiatore, 1983
  • Rawls. An Introduction, Polity Press, 2010
  • La pensabilità del mondo, Il Saggiatore, 2006
  • I fondamenti del liberalismo, Laterza, 1996