Novum – Polish city uses blockchain for the first time as a “door opener” for emergency services

The Polish city of Olsztyn uses the Ethereum-based SmartKey solution to make rescue operations more efficient.

The Polish city of Olsztyn is the first city in the world to use a solution based on the Ethereum blockchain to support the work of rescue services.

This opens up another practical application for blockchain technology that could hardly be more important

Olsztyn has successfully completed a first test run with the SmartKey solution and now wants to use it in regular operation. SmartKey is a blockchain platform that bridges the gap between blockchain technology and physical devices. This connection offers advantageous application options, especially for rescue services such as the police, fire brigade and emergency ambulance.

SmartKey is intended to help rescue teams to make their operations even more efficient by connecting blockchain-based smart contracts with “smart” network devices from Teltonika that use the city’s rescue services. This gives them automatic access to every building in the city in the event of an emergency. The procurement of a key or the need to open the doors in some other way is no longer necessary.

Gustaw Marek Brzezin, Marshal of the Emsland-Masurian Voivodeship in which Olsztyn is located, explains in an accompanying statement:

“It is extremely important that our rescue workers can do their work unhindered. The use of blockchain and SmartKey technologies seems to be the perfect solution for this, since on the one hand they offer house owners and tenants the greatest possible protection and on the other hand create free travel for our rescue workers. ”

SmartKey is convinced that blockchain technology can serve as the basis for smart cities. Although the exact definition of a “smart city” varies, it mostly refers to urban areas that use modern technologies to optimize life in the city. Above all, smart cities should strengthen sustainability and achieve improvements for the environment and the economy.

The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in smart cities, because by networking devices, solutions based on technologies such as blockchain can be used to make urban infrastructure “smart”. The World Economic Forum has already IoT accordingly to the basic building block for the “urban transformation” appointed .

There are several crypto projects in the IOT industry, the largest of which is the German IOTA ( MIOTA ) project with a market capitalization of $ 947 million.