US MP Soto wants to coordinate official use of blockchain technology

A new authority is to coordinate the use of blockchain technology within the American government agencies.

A new bill, which was submitted on Thursday under the code HR9067, wants to “coordinate” the use of Bitcoin Future technology within the American federal government.

The bill, tabled by Representative Darren Soto, a Democratic Party representative for the state of Florida, provides that “the business administration will establish a department to coordinate all uses of blockchain technology within the federal government, if any this is not about defense ”.

On December 31st, the draft law was presented to the parliamentary committee for energy and economy

Although the exact content of the draft is still unknown, its author could possibly allow conclusions to be drawn about the intended areas of application for blockchain technology.

In recent months, Soto had shown himself to be an advocate for crypto currencies, which he has now also allowed for political donations made to him, and blockchain technology.

The politician, who is co-chair of the blockchain parliamentary council, confirmed in a previous interview with Cointelegraph that he will soon be integrating the technology as an alternative way of sending postal votes. The American post office had previously applied for a corresponding patent. Then Soto said in the interview:

“I could imagine that something like this will be used very soon, possibly in the next elections.”

Last September, Soto announced again that his “almost two-year efforts” in the parliamentary committee for energy and economy have paid off by finally passing the “Digital Taxonomy Act”, which, among other things, also allows the use of blockchain technology by the Government agencies should research. The draft law HR9067 is intended to build on this and ensure faster application of the technology.

The advocacy for cryptocurrencies has recently been a particularly strong focus of Soto, because he is one of the nine members of parliament who criticized the US Treasury for the hasty entry of a new crypto bill . In the crypto industry, this had caused severe headwinds , even a possible lawsuit against the ministry is in the rough .